IMPORTANT note about my “patterns”

I’ve seen a lot of comments about the way I write my “patterns”.

My intention is more to write design notes with instructions, often for original techniques like the no-hole corners. This seems to be confusing to those who only crochet following row-by-row instructions. I do apologise for the confusion, but encourage all to read through them first and see what inspiration comes to you.

I’d like to encourage all to think about what they’re crocheting, how it’s put together, how shapes are produced, how colours interact and what else might work - crocheting outside the lines.

A few of my designs have been worked in more than one way - the original Mandala geometric was given some curves. The alternating sized strips log cabin has now been given some curves. Changes to how colour is used can completely change the work.

I’m not sure I’ve produced a piece of crochet that was an exact replica from a pattern or piece of work since I made my first granny square. Crochet is so easy to experiment with. Give it a try! I’d love to talk about what might come out of it.



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