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Stable edge to stop stretch

Over time, the edge of a crochet blanket often gets fluted, stretched, even thin with use.

To get around that, I usually add one or more rows to stabilise the edge. You’ve probably noticed that the smaller the stitch, the less “give” or stretch it has. Here are a few of the methods I’ve used.

Several rows of dc (US sc) - a band that is much less stretchy and much more stable.

Row of dc (US sc) worked into both back loops -

Row of dc (US sc) worked into both back loops, 1 ch, sk1 -

Row of sl st worked into both back loops -

Row of sl st worked around body of sts -

There are other variations I’ve used, but they’re mostly variations of these. Working into both back loops makes the edge really stable and tends to keep the edge from curling forwards.

Hope that’s helpful!

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A note on turning ch in my patterns

IMPORTANT - making my designs square

Many have found a few of my designs impossible to make square. In reworking the Mandala Geometric pattern, I’ve finally worked it out!

Many of my designs won’t work with 3 turning ch for a UK tr (US dc). Only 2 turning ch will make them square.


When you make a tr (US dc), you make one dc (US sc) on top of another - draw through 2, draw through 2. A dc (US sc) is one chain high.

The only time I use 3 (tight) turning ch for a tr (US dc) is when using foundation ch. You end up with 2 ch to represent the tr and one to represent the top of the st. If you use 2 ch, you are in effect working into the body of the st. You’ll notice the top of a tr looks like a ch, so the third ch creates that.

In turning (over or around as in my no-hole corners), you only need to reproduce the equivalent of a dc on top of a dc = 2 ch. I’ve seen a few tutorials on how to...

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Stripes and more

The strips of stripes have caught my mind. I wondered what would happen if you combined them with squares. This is what I came up with.

STRIPES SQS DIAMONDfinal 110317signed.jpg

There were a few test squares generated in making this. They’ll end up in another piece! LOL

It’s the graduated colours that make this work.

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Storm at Sea patchwork in crochet

In allowing access to this pattern, I grant the right to make this blanket for your own use or as a gift. It would be a joy if I was acknowledged as the designer. I reserve all rights to the images.

This design uses three different blocks to create the large block -
Diamond in a square (4), Diamond in a rectangle (4) and Square/Diamond/Square (1).


I have used English terms throughout. There is little if nothing original in what’s been done here. You’ve probably used most of the techniques used.

storm at sea quilt top 271113.jpg

This design can easily be made in any size because it is only dictated by the size of the diamond in the square – simply make that to the size you like and the rest will work from there. The Diamond in a rectangle is the size of two Diamond in a squares side by side. The Square/Diamond/Square will match the long side of the Diamond in a rectangle.  
Work the Diamond in a Square...

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Strips of Stripes - eye-wiggle

After sorting some yarn, I found a lot of scraps & started to think of a simple way to use them up. As most of my work is donated to charity, I prefer maximum warmth, so granny squares were out LOL

ALTERNATING STRIPS prog4 050117signed.jpg

This is what I came up with. It’s quick to work up and once assembled, really does almost confuse your eyes.

ALTERNATING STRIPS prog4 VERT 050117signed.jpg

It’s a simple idea, but the effect is eye-catching! Not sure which way around I prefer!

The finished product - about 44" x 48"

ALTERNATING STRIPS final 070117signed.jpg

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How many loops on the hook? UK & US terms

Having grown up with only UK terms, this is a question I hadn’t heard before finding crochet on the internet - mostly in US terms.

It might help those who find it hard to swap between the two sets of terms to know US terms relate to HOW MANY TIMES YOU DRAW THROUGH LOOPS. UK terms relate to HOW MANY LOOPS ARE ON THE HOOK!

The terms are almost the same, except in US terms, sc (single crochet) takes the place of dc (double crochet) in UK terms. Then the terms all move up one step - US dc becomes tr (treble or triple) UK, etc.

So in US terms, sc means draw through once, dc means draw through twice.

In UK terms dc means there are two loops on the hook before drawing through, tr means three loops on the hook before drawing through.

In both terms, all basic stitches relate to drawing through two loops until there is only one left.

So don’t be afraid if you see a different set of terms...

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Log Cabin variation in blues & grey

Grey is not a colour I use very often, but was looking for something to add to some blues, black and cream.

The bright colours I usually choose aren’t always appealing to males. This blanket was aimed at a wide appeal.

BLUE BURST CENTRE 041115signed.jpg

As with the geometric mandala, I’ve let the colour graduation do the work and kept the design fairly simple.

BLUE BURST CENTRE WHOLE 071115signed.jpg

Some simple bands of colour around the edge and done.

BLUE BURST FINAL 161115signed.jpg

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Rising Sun - log cabin variation

The log cabin method gets addictive. For a variation, I worked some squares with a curved centre. Once that happened, some embellishment was needed - so the Rising Sun was born.

As always, the brights against a dark colour appealed to me.

RISING SUN alt log cabin rnd centre 081014 signed.jpg

Working out from there, it seemed sensible to stick with solid colours so the features would stand out.

RISING SUN alt log cabin rnd cnr 021114 signed.jpg

Some granny squares and a few of the curved squares finished the idea.

RISING SUN alt log cabinFINAL 141214SIGNED.jpg

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Stormy Monday

With plenty of scraps last year, a rainbow project was calling me. When I spotted some blues and greys, the idea for a cubist sort of sky scene occurred to me.

The idea was to start with bright centres, represent clouds and sky with a rainbow.

I ended up with a sort of babette. The resulting blanket was donated to a local group who deal with mental health.

RAINBOW STORMY MONDAYfinal 290415signed.jpg

Quite happy with the result!

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Fill in the gaps - granny

I spotted a method of working granny shells to fill in a square from the outside in a while ago and decided to give it a try.

There was a stack of variegated yarns I’d picked up cheaply, so just started to “doodle”.


Squares are worked, joining at the corners, then granny shells worked from the outside in.

Once I got the hang of it, the method is quite quick and simple!


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