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Triangle half-square - no-hole method

by Justdunny (Toni Andmarc). Please leave some kudos so I know you’ve been here.

Several of my designs have cried out for a half-square that can be worked from the centre out so colours can be carried through, to fill spaces between squares turned diagonally.
I’ve never found a pattern that suited, so I worked this out.

HALF SQUARE 110613 sml.jpg

NOTE - I prefer not to have corner holes, so have worked out a way not to have corner holes or the bulk of a lot of stitches worked into the corner. I’ve used this method for the right angle here as well as the other corners. You can use any method you like for the right angle.

(English terms - Begin each row with ch or standing st)

  1. Work into chain ring - 2 tr (US dc), 1 ch, 4 tr, 1 ch, twice, 2 tr. Join to beg st.
  2. Work 1 tr into each tr to first corner ch. 1 tr into corner ch st. Turn work to the right so tr just worked is horizontal to the...

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Rounded Mandala Geometric variation - pattern coming

When I finished the Mandala Geometric, I wondered if it might be better with some curves instead of all those corners!

With some fiddling, I was fairly happy with the results. This blanket was donated for a raffle to help a local lady seek treatment overseas.

The pattern will be added soon.

MANDALA RND COMPLETE 130712sml signed.jpg

It was very hard to choose between the two versions. I think it’s probably a personal thing.

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No-Hole corner - SWEDISH translation - Tät mormorsruta utan hål i hörnen för virkning

Granny sq w flat cnr wholeSML.jpg

Granny sq w flat cnr.jpg

Svensk översättning av Petra Söreskog

Det här är en enkel mormorsruta med slät yta som kan användas för alla sorters projekt. Hörntekniken kan även användas i flera andra mönster. Varje varv börjar med en stående stolpe eller luftmaskor och slutar med en smygmaska.
Steg-för-steg beskrivning för hörnen kommer här.


  1. Mitten – Gör en lm ring eller magisk ring, virka 2 st, 1 lm, (3 st, 1 lm) x 3, 1 st, avsluta med sm i första st/ lm kedjan. Det här skapar 5 maskor att jobba i på varje sida: 3 st + 1 lm vid varje slut. Varje lm kommer att virkas i två gånger.

  2. Gör 1 st i varje st, 1 st i hörnets lm, vänd arbetet 90 grader (se bilder nedan), 2 lm eller stående st och fortsätt gör 1 st i varje st nerför nästa sida. Repetera till slutet av varvet. Varje varv kommer öka med 4 st – de extra 2 lm i varje sida. (Om du gör 3 lm som första stolpe, kommer du kanske behöva justera lite...

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Mandala Geometric - SWEDISH translation

by Justdunny (Toni Andmarc). Please leave some kudos so I know you’ve been here.

Huge thanks go out to Petra for translating this pattern for her crochet group.

**Geometrisk Mandala Filt

mandala geom PETRA SORESKOG 070714.jpg

Svensk översättning: Petra Söreskog**

Mandal geom rug.jpg

mandala geom side midSML.jpg

Gjorda i rutor, så lätt att jobba på året runt.

Genom att tillåta åtkomst till detta mönster, ger jag er rätten att göra denna filt för vilket syfte som helst, inklusive kommersiella ändamål. Det skulle glädja mig om jag tillkännages som designer, men jag kommer inte att jaga dig. Jag innehar dock alla rättigheter till bilderna.

Filten är gjord med 8 ply (DK) akryl garn och 4,00 mm virknål, men masktätheten är inte viktigt för en filt. Storleken kan variera, dock. Denna filt är ca 180 cm lång och ca 150 cm bred.

förklaringar -
sm – smygmaska
lm – luftmaska
fm – fastmaska

st - stolpe

Färger som används:
Vit – liten mängd för mittpartier –...

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The greatest pay-off!

My Mandala Geometric blanket was the first design to attract attention on the internet. It relies heavily on my no-hole corner method to get a seamless look in the squares of the design.

I’ve seen a few versions of my design on Ravelry that are stunning in their own right.

Yesterday I found this version - http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Chippzan/mandala-geometric-crochet-blanket - that has made my blood sparkle!

It really pops and the blending is great. It’s when you see your idea (completely improvised from the first stitch) taken beyond what you’ve done and made a separate reality from someone else’s mind and hands that it becomes real for you. Now I can REALLY appreciate this design.

Thank you so much, Petra! I can’t wait to see it completed.

Can’t imagine how I’ll feel when someone takes this idea and moves things around and makes something new out of it ;-)

Oh! That reminds...

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Crochet outside of the lines

G'day all

I hope you excuse the quality of my patterns. Selling them is not an aim at all. Sharing them appeals to me, but I try to do something different, something new in each item I produce.

A lot of people find my patterns a bit hard to follow because I try to include notes about why I’ve done what I’ve done and what I was trying to achieve or even offer options.

As far as I’m concerned, I could spend the rest of my life working through just one design theme - like log cabin or mandalas - and always produce a fresh design.

So I’m here to encourage all crocheters to crochet outside the lines. To always say, “What would happen if….?” and find out. That’s the beauty of crochet - if you don’t like it, just frog it! That’s how I came up with the no-hole corner method and the continuous log cabin.

I’ve seen some absolutely stunning designs in afghans - but couldn’t see past all...

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“Magic Carpet Ride” - Mandala experiment pattern

by Justdunny (Toni Andmarc). Please leave some kudos so I know you’ve been here.

Enormous thanks to Angela Armstrong, Martha Vitez and Oona Linnett for the harrowing experience of proving this pattern. The original photos (Justdunny) include many mistakes. Photos inserted in the text are of the proven version. Please note all rights are reserved.


In allowing access to this pattern, I grant the right to make this blanket for personal use.. It would be a pleasure to be acknowledged as the designer. Please do not copy, reproduce, re-post or distribute.

I have posted the outer part of this pattern here -http://justdunnycrochet.svbtle.com/magic-carpet-ride-outer-part-medallions

I’ve used 8 ply (DK) acrylic with a 4.00mm hook. The yarn weight is not important as long as it’s consistent throughout. Just be aware of the quite open part where the end medallions join on. The...

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