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Continuing the pattern for the central part - http://justdunnycrochet.svbtle.com/magic-carpet-ride-mandala-experiment-pattern

After squaring off the central mandala, I have continued to increase the size of the blanket. You may stop at any size you desire.

swirly sun mandala frame & outer SIGNED.jpg

Just adjust the number or size of the medallions added at two ends to make the blanket rectangular.

swirly sun mandala medallions joined SIGNED.jpg

There is a picture chart in the pattern that will help with the little white accents added between the medallions.

swirly sun mandala square motifs EDGED CLOSE.jpg


  1. Work one row in PURPLE – (1 tr in next 3, 1 ch, sk 1). You’ll fill the gaps with the next row.
  2. PURPLE – work 1 tr into each tr, 1 dtr into mauve row below in ch gap to end.
  3. MAUVE – 1 tr in each st to end.
  4. MAUVE – start curvy part – 5 dc, 5 tr to end. Rather than counting the number of sts on a side, I find the centre st by folding in half and start with 3 dc, 5 tr. If there are less than 5 sts when you get to a corner, just continue dc or tr you last worked, then match that on the next side.
  5. PINK – 1 dc in each st.
  6. AQUA – work 1 tr into sts lying above mauve dc, and 1 dc into sts lying above mauve tr. This fills the curve in and should give you a fairly straight edge to the work.
  7. BEIGE – work 1 dc, 1 ch to end. (You could work 1 dc in each if desired.)
  8. AQUA – work 1 dc into sts lying above aqua dc, and 1 tr into sts lying above aqua tr.
  9. PINK – 1 dc in each st.
  10. PURPLE – fill in the curves again to get straight edge – 1 tr into sts lying above aqua dc, and 1 dc into sts lying above aqua tr.
  11. PURPLE – 1 tr in each st.


  1. RED – work 1 tr in each st with a drop st in every 10th st (insert hook below st in prev row, draw up a loop, draw through, 1 ch).
  2. CORAL – as last row, with drop sts in 3rd and 7th sts from red drop st.
  3. ORANGE – as first row with drop sts to match those in red row.
  4. YELLOW – as last row with drop sts to centre between the pink drop sts.
  5. AQUA – 1 dc in each st.

NOTE – to keep corners hole-less, flat and square, I work to the last stitch on the side, then turn the work around 90 degrees so the side last worked is now vertically on the right and the new side is ready to be worked. Just start with ch or standing st and continue. A picture tutorial is here – http://justdunnycrochet.svbtle.com/nohole-corner-method-crochet-granny-square

Otherwise you can just work 2 tr, 2 ch, 2 tr into the corner st.


  1. PURPLE – 1 tr in each working around the body of aqua sts.
  2. PURPLE – 1 tr in next 5, 1 ch, sk next. Work to end.
  3. MAUVE – work 1 dc in each and 1 tr into purple skipped st below each ch sp.
  4. MAUVE – 1 tr in each.
  5. PALE PINK – 1 tr in each.
  6. RED – accent sts – 1 dc inserting into the body of the st, pulling up a loose loop and drawing through the two loops, 2 ch, sk 2. Repeat to end.
  7. PINK – work 3 tr into each ch sp.
  8. Repeat rows 6 & 7 twice with graduated shades.
  9. PURPLE – 1 tr in each.

LARGE MEDALLIONS – centres worked in various pinks. Make 7.

  1. In ch ring, work 8 x 1 tr, 1 ch.
  2. In a different pink, 2 tr into ch sp, 1 tr into trs.
  3. AQUA – 2 dc in next, 1 dc to end = 36 sts
  4. PURPLE – working around the body of aqua dc, 1 tr, 1 ch, 1 tr in next, 1 ch, sk 1. Repeat to end.
  5. RED – 1 dc in each st, 1 dc in ch sp = 48 sts
  6. ORANGE – 1 dc in next 4, 2 dc in next. Repeat to end = 57 sts
  7. YELLOW – 1 dc in each st.

JOIN MEDALLIONS to each other

With BEIGE – join anywhere on a medallion, Make Petal - 4 ch, 1 dtr in next, picot (2 ch, sl st to the top of the dtr), 1 dtr in next, 3 ch, 1 dc in next, sl st to next. Repeat twice. Start working the next medallion.
Work 1 dc into next 8, Make Petal three times, 1 dc in next 8. Continue to last medallion, sk the last 8 dc. Break off.

JOIN MEDALLIONS to the blanket

Join MAUVE to the corner of the blanket, then TURN THE BLANKET SO THAT THE BLANKET IS FACING AWAY FROM YOU. The stitches worked across this edge will be worked back to front (crab st) to give a firm edge because of the open areas between medallions.
Work 1 dc left to right into blanket in next 2 sts (will feel a bit awkward, but you’ll get used to it), work 1 tr into the picot in the first petal of the first medallion (hold them with the petals at the top facing the blanket), 1 dc in next 6 L to R in blanket, 1 dc into next petal, 1 dc in next 6 L to R in blanket, 1 tr into last petal, work Filler (1 dc next 3 L to R in blanket, 3 ch, 1 dtr in first dc after petals on medallion, sk 2, 1 ttr in next, sk 1 on blanket, 1 tr in next on blanket, 1 ttr in 4th dc back from petal on medallion, sk 2 on medallion, 1 dtr in next, Make a sl st around the bulk of the dtrs, ttrs & tr to draw in, 3 ch, sk 1 on blanket, 1 tr in next on blanket. Repeat to end of blanket, ending with 2 or 3 crab sts to the corner. Break off. Repeat on the opposite end.


Work with blanket in your lap now. Join WHITE to the 7th st back up from the last beige st joining medallions. Skipping 3 sts, work 1 dtr catching the right and then the left medallion, 1 ch, 1 dtr in same place. Turn.
3 ch, sl st to 4th st back up from sl st, 1 ch, (1 dtr, 1 ch, 1 dtr) into ch sp, 1 ch, 1 dtr in last st. Turn.
Work (1 ch, 1 tr, sl st) into same place, sl st into ch sp. Repeat three times. Break off. Repeat between all medallions.

accents white tut 290614.jpg


Hold blanket with medallions at left and right. Join MAUVE to corner of blanket near left end to work up the side of the first medallion.
Work 3 ch, (1 ttr, 1 dtr) in dc beside first petal, 1 dtr in next, 1 tr in next, 1 htr in next, 7 dc. Make corner – 1 htr in next, 1 tr in next 2, 1 dtr in next, (dtr, ttr, 1 ch, dtr, tr) in next for corner, 1 tr in next, htr in next, 1 dc in next 5, 1 htr in nest, 1 tr in next 2.
*Sk 1, dtr in same place as white st, 2 tr in ch sp between each of the bobbly bits. Dtr in same place as last white st, sk 1, 1 tr in next 2, 1 htr, 1 dc x 3, 1 htr, 1 tr next 2.
Repeat from *
to last medallion. Then reverse the corner and side, sl st to corner of blanket and break off. Work rows around blanket as desired.


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