Crochet outside of the lines

G'day all

I hope you excuse the quality of my patterns. Selling them is not an aim at all. Sharing them appeals to me, but I try to do something different, something new in each item I produce.

A lot of people find my patterns a bit hard to follow because I try to include notes about why I’ve done what I’ve done and what I was trying to achieve or even offer options.

As far as I’m concerned, I could spend the rest of my life working through just one design theme - like log cabin or mandalas - and always produce a fresh design.

So I’m here to encourage all crocheters to crochet outside the lines. To always say, “What would happen if….?” and find out. That’s the beauty of crochet - if you don’t like it, just frog it! That’s how I came up with the no-hole corner method and the continuous log cabin.

I’ve seen some absolutely stunning designs in afghans - but couldn’t see past all those rows of corner holes and/or extra-solid colour of extra stitches in corners.

I guess for me it’s just about seeing just how good design can be. There are just not enough minutes in one lifetime ;-)

Joyous crocheting!
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