The greatest pay-off!  

My Mandala Geometric blanket was the first design to attract attention on the internet. It relies heavily on my no-hole corner method to get a seamless look in the squares of the design.

I’ve seen a few versions of my design on Ravelry that are stunning in their own right.

Yesterday I found this version - - that has made my blood sparkle!

It really pops and the blending is great. It’s when you see your idea (completely improvised from the first stitch) taken beyond what you’ve done and made a separate reality from someone else’s mind and hands that it becomes real for you. Now I can REALLY appreciate this design.

Thank you so much, Petra! I can’t wait to see it completed.

Can’t imagine how I’ll feel when someone takes this idea and moves things around and makes something new out of it ;-)

Oh! That reminds me… I haven’t posted the circular version of this one!

Mandal geom rug.jpg


Now read this


Row 7 makes a solid circle around the ch loops made in rows 5 & 6 by joining to a ch loop from row 5 into the 7th ch, then 2 ch to separate, then join to the ch loop from row 6 that lies across that ch loop into the 4th ch of that... Continue →